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A majestic entrance, like the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Ever dreamed of making your house look even more spectacular then it already does. It starts with the main entrance, the driveway! A1Riviera has many surveyors for different choises when it comes to gravel, cobblestones, concrete or asphalt and so on... When living on the Riviera, everybody knows the red bitumen that covers the sidewalks [...]

Mosquito control

Spring is around the corner and several insects are coming back ! Prevent yourself, your domestic animals, your home and your garden of all the nuisable bugs during the summer. Now is the time to have for instance a complete mosquito-control operation. These are targeted against three differents problems ; Nuisance mosquitoes bother people around homes or in [...]

Open Sesame

How annoying when you arrive after a long roadtrip to your second home and your gate doesn't open!!! Many things might have happened, a powercut for sure, but HOW? If you don't have regular control visits to your house (at least one a month) then this will obviously happen. All in One Riviera is often [...]

Poppy and the lawn mower.

A lovely australian client, for whom we have recently renovated the house completely, took us out for lunch to thank us for the services and assistance since she arrived.


Hull fairing and painting, before the season

Make sure your boat is ready for the season. Hull fairing and painting job is best before the season, spring time is best to have this done!


Waxed concrete? THE solution!

Isn’t it satisfying when you clean your floor and there are no joints (that become black and dirty over the years) but just one straight clean waxed concrete??!!


Take control over your water consumption.

Don’t wait to receive your water bill to find out you have a leak ! There are cheap and simple ways to avoid these bad surprises. In general  you have one month to declare the excessive consumption to the water compagny to take action and to assert your rights on the Warsmann law (meaning part of [...]

Prevent a leaking roof…

Your roof is one of the key elements of your villa and you should pay close attention to it. Proper maintenance and early detection can prevent roof leaks from starting.


Asian Wasps??

No need to call the fire department, nor the authorities, they don't come or they will send you someone within two or three weeks on appointment.... All in 1 Riviera takes care of it RIGHT AWAY!!

Renovation Old stable into guesthouse

All in 1 Riviera project managed the conversion of an old stable into a guesthouse for a client