Poppy and the lawn mower.

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A lovely australian client, for whom we have recently renovated the house completely, took us out for lunch to thank us for the services and assistance since she arrived.

She moved one day,  with her beautiful blue and yellow parrot, leaving her London residence behind and made the French Riviera her new home. Very soon she was confronted with communication problems and we were there to assist her for everything, not only installing water, electricity, phone and internet, but also find her the right gardener and poolman, making doctors appointments, deal with her local shops and explain things to her about dayly living on the Riviera.

As we were talking over lunch, she asked me if it bothered me to assist her that afternoon in buying a lawn mower… So after an incredible lunch we drove off to the garden specialist to buy her the lawn mower, but on the road she said : « How boring to buy a lawn mower, LET’S BUY A CAR !! »

That afternoon changed in a fun afternoon while we were choosing where to go, what dealer, and finaly she bought herself a cute yellow Mini Cooper S which was delivered the next day at her home !! I succeeded getting her a huge discount (as she was buying spontaniously and cash, I ripped out the seller’s guts, it was actually quite fun !) and she is still driving around with it !

We renovated her complete house, many surveyors accomplished a wonderful job and she enjoys living here more and more.

Since she does travel still she unfortunately had to donate the parrot, « Poppy » is his name. We made some phonecalls, as this is an exotic bird, unlegal to sell, was placed in the Parc Phoenix in Nice where he still lives a beautifull bird life with many cute female parrots around him !

All in One Riviera has never said no to a client, every question is directly answered or conscientiously thought about so we never let our client down !