Take control over your water consumption.

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Don’t wait to receive your water bill to find out you have a leak ! There are cheap and simple ways to avoid these bad surprises.

In general  you have one month to declare the excessive consumption to the water compagny to take action and to assert your rights on the Warsmann law (meaning part of your invoice will be reimboursed in application of this law) knowing that it takes a long time to finalise this once you have declared it, you better prevent !

We’ve opened a file with the water compagny for reclamation, given out all invoices that we contest, the invoices for repair on the leak, since march 2018… they told us we would be treated in priority… we are february 2019, still no answer !

So our advice, install separate counters for inside, outside, pool (specialy if you have an automatic refill system), garden (sprinklers sytem) etc, all these big items on your property that need water, with all their own taps to be able to close just one if it leaks. At that moment you can check which counter is turning (if it shouldn’t you know there is a leak !) close the tap, make your investigations on where the leak can be (or have it done by a plumber) and have it repaired before it’s too late !

Thanks to this installation you will contrôle your water consumption.