Prevent a leaking roof…

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When it comes to the comfort of owning a villa in the South of France, it is incredible how the roof plays a critical role. It is ensuring that you are protected from the rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Your roof is one of the key elements of your villa and you should pay close attention to it. Proper maintenance and early detection can prevent roof leaks from starting. Let us assist you in preventing roof leaks and keeping your roof in better shape for a long time.

Most roof leaks go undetected for quite a long time—which means that you only  notice it when there is already a considerable amount of damage to your property and additional repair costs already multiplied.  And your insurance will not refund on consequences of a leak due to a lack of maintenance on your roof.

We recommend you to have your roof inspected annually by a roofing specialist to ensure that it remains in good shape. This helps you discover any impending signs which may lead to roof leaks and eventually cause serious and costly damages. Make sure to keep your gutters free from debris that can render your gutters useless. Make sure that the rain water flows freely down the gutter without backing up and causing damage to your property.

Als  make sure to keep trees close to your villa well-trimmed and away from your roof!  Tree branches scraping across your roof or limbs falling onto your roofline during a storm can cause catastrophic damage to both your roof and gutters. And of course all the leaves they loose are a great source for blocking your gutters.

We know this sounds as a lot of work but we work together with specialists roofing companies all year around for your yearly inspection and if necessary to assist you in replacing some loose tiles, clean your gutters or in the worst case scenario renovate your roof  for a fair price. And for all our property management client , we visit your property at least once a month (more often in case of storms) and a visual inspection of your roof is part of that visit.